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The fantastic postman of Reisegrossisten managed to deliver the goods 3 days before the expected delivery time! This means that there are now more ovens in stock! All orders placed today and tomorrow before 12.00 will be sent the same day before I leave 🛫The online store is now updated continuously 📦🎉


It is allowed to doubt but you must never give up. No matter what you do, you will always experience resistance at some point. Right now, Reisegrossisten is a sinking ship due to sky-high costs and too little money in the coffers. It’s tough and it requires extremely much energy but it’s part of the […]

Solar Panel!

Dear everyone! Then finally the solar panel from Reisegrossisten is back in stock. For those of you who are not so familiar with this product, the wooden solar panel is easily explained sewn into a robust vinyl fabric and the panels are collapsible. The solar panel does not have a built-in battery so nothing will […]