Do Not Chase That Dream, Live It

Throughout my adult life, I have taken many chances and thrown myself head first into many jobs, projects and studies without at times having a clue on how to do it. It has been incredibly educational, exciting, challenging and not least anxious.

The approach I have to life is that there really is no other than now. Yesterday has been and will never be back and tomorrow is not here yet so all you really have is now. You can ponder as much as you want over something, you can analyze, study and god knows what but you will never find out if it was a good choice or not before you try. I have since I was young understood what situation I am in there and then and have tried to the best of my ability to take full advantage of it. And my biggest choice in life was to follow the dream of becoming a pilot. At that moment when I made that choice, I had a job I loved, the dream car and almost finished with a deductible for an apartment. I quit my job, sold the car, took out a large bank loan, and moved to the United States. I flew for two years and I took my certificates as a pilot and I expect to fly commercially during the spring of 2019.

Making such choices is sick tough and there are many sleepless nights due to anxiety but the anxiety of sitting in a nursing home at the age of 90 thinking I wish one thing and the other is even tougher. For what can really go so wrong? You give your dream a chance, you believe in yourself. Because if you do not believe in the dream you have or yourself, then who is going to do it? The neighbor or? We live in a country that gives you all the freedom in the world to do exactly what you want and exactly when you want, a country that takes care of you and a country that gives you opportunities others can only dream of. So when I meet young people my age who complain about how tough they are or how difficult something is, I just think I wish you could wake up to see the world from a different perspective. A perspective where you are grateful for what you have, now and not everything you do not have and everything you want. Because I am a firm believer that if you are here, now and see what you have now and are grateful for it then you will only get more that you can be grateful for.

We live in a world of possibilities and it has never been easier in the history of mankind to reach out to so many and it so easy, so please give the dream you have a chance. Life is here and now and not tomorrow or next week or next year. We are here, now. Be here with me and see the world with eyes filled with gratitude. This was me and what I had on my mind. / K