Solar Panel!

Dear everyone!

Then finally the solar panel from Reisegrossisten is back in stock.

For those of you who are not so familiar with this product, the wooden solar panel is easily explained sewn into a robust vinyl fabric and the panels are collapsible. The solar panel does not have a built-in battery so nothing will ever be stored in the panel but electricity generated will be sent directly to the device you connect. From the panel, the energy will go directly to the mobile if that is what you have connected. The panel has two USB ports and between the two there is a small smart chip that can read the amount of power the device needs. So, for example, if you have connected an iPad and an iPhone, the panel knows that an iPad needs more power than what an iPhone does and it will then distribute the power accordingly.

Panel that is of lower quality does not have this function and distributes the power 50/50 on the two usb ports. What happens then is that energy will be lost and the units charge more slowly.

The panel from Reisegrossisten provides 21W and 3.5A and that means that your phone, GoPro and camera will charge as fast as in the socket at home!

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Wish everyone a really nice day!