My Connection With Nature

This is a blog post I dread writing. I dread because I know there are so many who think this is so distant or absurd.

When I am out in nature I love the silence, I love nature raw, as it should be untouched by us. I love that it becomes primitive where I depend on a fire to keep warm, where I have to fish to get food and where I have to work actively to build shelter from the weather and wind. This is what I call a connection stronger than anything else. I will not hide that I am spiritual, I believe that there are energies and much more than what you and I can see, touch and feel and part of the reason I love nature is because I feel it takes me back til early stages of man kind.

As you have probably understood from reading the few lines, this is precisely about that, energies and the «superstition» that a Japanese professor named Dr. Masaru Emoto has managed to scientifically prove. Dr. Emoto believes that our thoughts are energies and that these energies help shape our reality. Positive thoughts lead to good and negative thoughts bring with them more negativity. In 1999, Dr. Emoto published Messages from water in which he scientifically proves that emotional energies and vibrations have an effect on the physical structure of water. In these studies, Dr. Emoto shows that water exposed to music, good thoughts and good energies later in the frozen state form beautiful ice crystals while water exposed to negative energy and negative intentions form deformed ice crystals.

I consider myself a very open minded person and thought this was very interesting. What if this is true? What does it mean for me and my life? I often think very negatively and am often worried. Will these negative energies lead to more negativity in my life and is it actually the case that I can do something about it? In an experiment, Dr. Emoto shows three jars of rice. On one of these jars it says promise, on the other it says hate and on the last it says nothing. It is neutral. In this experiment, which you probably understand, the jar promises good energy, good thoughts and positivity. The jar on which hatred stands has nothing but negative energy and evil intentions. After 30 days, it turns out that the rice in the jar that is promised is almost untouched. About as nice while the jar it hates has rotted and is full of mold.

Sounds special? I thought so too but as the open minded person I am I now have three jars along the wall filled with rice where it says laws, hate and the last completely neutral without a label. For the next 30 days I will think negatively about hating the jar, filling the love jar with love and good intentions and the last one I will ignore. If this is true, if the hate jar molds, then what do my negative thoughts do to my life? I will update the blog here regularly over the next 30 days.